Quarterback, the new Autremer Concept’s ship NEEL 45 Trimaran in route to reach the base in Martinique from La Rochelle is hitting a cold front 200 nautical miles south west of Portugal, the skipper and the crew decide to keep sailing to Las Palmas, Grand Canaria.
4 days and 3 nights Quarterback sails in a strong 35 knots wind with a maximum burst of wind recorded at 70.2 knots.
The GPS records a 25 knots max speed over ground for the boat.

This is footage of Mr SlowTourist’s shift captured with his head mounted Go Pro while the other members of the crew are resting a bit.

All through the storm, the ship keeps behaving like a charm in a very safe a comfortable way which kept the crew really happy.

Quarterback will arive in Le Marin, Martinique around December 15th.