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Back on Terra Firma!

We made it! After a short delay to recharge ourselves, we're back here too. Firstly a BIG thank you for all your wishes and gratulations that are still coming in to the iridium satellite powered ‘boat' email which, out of habit, we daily power up! We won’t use that...

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A Day in the Life….Sailing Across the Atlantic

"My day begins at 23:55 when the alarm wakes me for the midnight start of my shift. From 20:00 to 08:00, we split the night-watch into to 2 hour shifts amongst 3 of us. After a brief handover about any changes in wind direction, sails and speed I settle down at the...

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Waiting for Wind

Week 1: Las Palmas-Martinique. Rough seas with wind up to 30 knots, big gentle blue waves in sunshine, day long torrential rain, outside a mass of wet, dense greyness, hard to make out where sea ends and sky begins. We've had it all and slowly had enough. The...

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Cruiser Post

28.11.2014 - 16:10 "Here everything is ok after we hit a peak of 70.2 kn of wind last night. It was impressive and also a bit scary in the middle of night. Right now we have a bit of sunshine are listening to Pink Floyd and are watching 7-8 m waves. There will be two...

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Bring on the Beef

We were sent to Baitona, a simple Basque influenced restaurant on Rue Saint-Jean du Pérot, relaxed atmosphere and really excellent food. And not just any steak. THE BEST Cote de Boeuf in La Rochelle! read more

Fair Winds and Following Seas

Earth Nullschool. This is THE most fascinating visualisation of wind and weather conditions. Wind, currents and forces are displayed in motion beautifully giving a unique sense of the energy. read more

Meet & Greet the Boat

After a smooth 900 km drive across France, we arrived in La Rochelle just after sunset. First stop down to the port to find the Neel and say hello to vessel and our partner for the many days of hopefully safe sailing ahead. read more

Fish or omlette, anyone?

With hours to fill as we sail, cooking and eating will be one of the highlights. To make sure we don't arrive starved, grumpy and dehydrated, it's essential to prepare a good provisioning list. read more

Up to Speed


Advice, interviews and stories from industry experts on topics related to sailing, cruising, qualifications and multihulls.


Cruiser Post

Checking in with updates and email from underway and faraway places.



Swiss Skipper Clinic


Swiss Skipper is always prepared for the practical reality: something can or will break. Here a collection of things that broke, how we fixed them at sea, the gadgets we’ve tried and tested and the essential tools to have on board.


Delorme inreach Explorer

We're sharing our position, distance travelled and sailing speed over the entire passage

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